As an agile advertising agency, we intend to create strong, characterful brands with our multifaceted expertise. Whether it be on a small or large scale, and using all channels of communication. We have been doing this for more than 25 years.

Brand communication

Brand communication remains our raison d’être. For brands that have their own values, personality and style, and with which the end consumer can identify. Depending on the tasks involved, we develop the strategic positioning of a brand, or inspire a new target group for it. In other cases, we develop advertising campaigns for a new product and determine which of the channels are suitable for the customer’s journey from the initial contact to the selling of the items. Indeed, you have picked the right partner in us, even if it is pure content that you are after. We write and design content for magazines or online communities, and find the perfect solution for your communication needs.

Product and corporate communication

Alongside our daily work creating B2C advertising campaigns, we are exceedingly keen in developing strategies for hidden champions in the B2B segment. We translate content in the thoughts of our counterparts, from business to business. In this respect, our scope spans from the business card to the employee magazine, from a YouTube ad to a film for the cinema, and from a post on Facebook to website development.

Film and photos

Our in-house photo and film production company NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS is not only part of our network, it is part of our agency family. Working with precision and a well-attuned, highly motivated team, the photo and film production company undertakes outdoor, lifestyle and product shoots. Thanks to a strong network and an in-house database of models, our photo and film experts find image concepts tailored to the brand as well as individual film solutions with lasting recognition value. For more information on NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS

Trade marketing

Creating brand experiences – with events that cause a stir. Putting brands and products in the spotlight at the point of sale – by means of in-store advertising or exciting promotions. We have more than 25 years of experience under our belt, both in retail and with retailers. Moreover, our effective trade marketing team in Cologne can supply a unique network of brand ambassadors, comprising young people with the brand in their blood, who simply love to sell. They cover the entire D-A-CH region. For more details on their activities regarding sales force training and local promotions, please visit:

Social media marketing

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. We create content for our customers on social media platforms, with added value for the target group in question, without losing sight of the current online trends. We tell pertinent #stories with #words, #images and #film that go viral.

Public relations

We offer consulting services in all aspects of corporate communications as well as press and public relations. After a thorough analysis, we develop tailored, holistic communication solutions. In doing so, we focus on credibility, think in a networked way and employ the entire spectrum of communication channels. 

Catalogue marketing

Our catalogues and magazines do much more than simply illustrate a product. The images leave a message, shape a brand and are entertaining yet surprising and engaging at the same time. All in the interests of the consumer. And they are more than printed matter. They are also digitally extended and tie into the communication strategy.

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