A clear strategy and campaign give new brand an emotional boost

A clear strategy and campaign give new brand an emotional boost

The energy provider e-regio was formed out of the merger of two basic suppliers – the former e-regio and ene (Energie Nordeifel) – in October 2019. The companies complement each other thanks to their respective core competences, the joint supply territory encompassing the Eifel and Rhein-Sieg region, as well as their sustainable goals. The new and powerful e-regio is well equipped to cope with the future of energy thanks to its diversification in electricity, gas, electromobility, photovoltaics and smart home. A strong agency partner was needed to communicate the merger and to strengthen the new brand.


The challenge was to create a communication concept which allowed a new and stronger brand to evolve from the two existing brands. The aim is to combine the main brand elements of both companies and effectively communicate the benefits of the merger. Nevertheless, the energy market is highly competitive and is mainly characterised by products which have very little to do with customers.


We identified the three core values and USPs of the future e-regio: proximity, sustainability and innovation. The main one was that both partners in the merger were deeply rooted in the region; this was of great importance to both and differentiated them noticeably from the competition. To reflect our brand understanding of the energy provider, we created the archetype of the “enabler”. After all, e-regio “enables”: As a basic provider, e-regio provides people in the region with access to energy, new technologies as well as being exceedingly committed to developing the region.

Our merger campaign is based on a concept comprising two stages. The fresh campaign slogan of “Mehr Energie für Neues” – more energy for something new – represents the core message behind the merger and communicates it both internally and externally. A wide-scale, regional OOH campaign signalled the beginning and was supported across different media: print, social media and a redesigned website have formed the future brand identity of the new e-regio. The related photo shoot was designed and realised by Natural Born Explorers.

The positive image and recognition of e-regio in the region will be developed further in the second stage. The new “Regionalstrom” regional energy will be at the heart of the communication concept. The sustainable energy, ecologically produced, is impressive evidence of the regional commitment and sustainable direction of e-regio – and thus convey the joint strengths of the merged suppliers. Besides communicating across different media, an activating competition is also involved.


We have established the new e-regio on the market and have differentiated the energy suppliers from other market competitors. And the new e-regio, with its sharpened focus and new image, has been well received – both internally among the employees of the merged company and externally among B2B partners, local authorities, politicians and end customers. The success story of e-regio with intention is ongoing – because we are also continuing to develop various advertising media for e-regio, such as radio spots, cross-media campaigns, advertisements and an employer branding concept.

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