Honda motorbikes

A microsite with a powerful web design

Honda motorbikes
A microsite with a powerful web design

One of the best and most well-known global motorbike brands commissioned intention to set up the digital staging of its new motorbike series NEO SPORTS Café. Task: to create a catchy look for us and stage it within its own microsite.

Honda’s NEO SPORTS Café motorbike family, with engine capacities ranging from 125cc, 300cc, 650cc and the beefy 1,000cc, has set a benchmark in terms of look and technical capability. The cool new bikes are geared to the urban rider target group and their look is a combination of café racer and street fighter. In spite of having enormous power, all of the bikes in this series are extremely versatile and easy to handle. The built-in technology is one of the best and most modern on two wheels.

Super machines seek the spotlight

In other words, a whole host of benefits. However, these are still fairly unknown in Germany, just like the motorbikes themselves, even though the series was launched over six months ago. The product page on is a hive of information but has not aroused public curiosity concerning the NEO SPORTS series, meaning the motorbikes attracted very little attention.

Then Honda turned to intention – and after taking an in-depth analysis of the situation, it soon became evident: more emotional input was needed.

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Bringing a strong character to life

The Honda team at intention created a high degree of torque right from the word go and took to the streets with all its might. We created a modern and powerful look for the bikes and an exciting back story. NEO is now not only the product name, it is much more the name for a strong and very individual character. Indeed, “not a bike for nobodies”.

We deliberately staged the motorbikes on the microsite without any unnecessary gimmicks such as parallaxes and concentrated wholly on ensuring the bikes left a strong impression on the viewer. The mix of emotional elements and striking information certainly left its mark. Six months on, we are very pleased to announce that the site has received more than 160,000 visits to date, each lasting more than 1.45 min, during which an average of 2.65 pages were called up. Honda, too, is pleased that the 650cc motorbike is now one of the most sold bikes in its class.

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