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New content format for HONDA garden products

Honda Power Equipment
New content format for HONDA garden products

intention launches a new Honda testing ground in which the quality and performance of Honda products are showcased in action.


Our analysis revealed that Honda’s garden products were hardly being featured on search engine results pages (SERPs). Although brand traffic was still working well, Honda was almost invisible in terms of powerful category keywords. SEA campaigns were a first step in the right direction. The next question was then: “How can we significantly and sensibly expand the launch pad for search engines?”


With the “Honda Park”, we developed a new content format – and have integrated it into the communication of Honda Garden on a permanent basis. A park landscape serves as a testing ground for Honda products in action, and a gardener becomes the protagonist and brand ambassador. The digital home of this new format is the microsite, where the high-quality, keyword-driven content is published. It acts as a key customer touchpoint.

The website is a branded gardening portal with incidental – yet high-quality – showcasing of Honda products in action. As such, the more topics explored on the site, the greater the scope for thematic and device-specific hits using search engines.

We are developing the page content on an ongoing basis, aligning it closely to the customer and their interests, as well as the product USPs. The content will cover all garden-related topics (i.e. gardening and gardening maintenance with Honda machinery) while remaining seasonally relevant.

The microsite also acts as a gateway to the new Honda online shop. In future, it will be important to direct high-quality traffic to the shop.


The page was launched in June 2018, and we regard it as a great success since both the customer’s sales and marketing departments are very pleased with the result. The Honda Park website is a product and brand communication tool that has been built to last. As such, it will be a little while before the page unleashes its full power for search engines and as a supplier of traffic to the Honda online shop. However, the initial results indicate that the page is already ranked highly by search engines.

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