Brand communication meets creating friendship

What do good friendships have in common with better brands? Both need reliability, trust, openness, inspiration, successes and cool times together, in order to strengthen their relationship in the long term.

And that is the reason why friendship is not just a word for us, it is a principle that runs through our past and present like a golden thread – whether it be in our approach to new challenges, the daily routine with our colleagues, our partnerships with clients or the way in which we view target groups and markets. But not only that. “Creating friendship” guides us in our general work and the way we view things, too – from developing holistic brand strategies, to a core principle for our workshops and campaign ideas, to the creation of smaller online and offline measures. And as good friends generally start off by introducing themselves, here is a brief summary about us.

We are intention – and this is what we are passionate about

We are friends of breathtaking photos, exciting stories, original social medial strategies and good, creative communication. We seek direct contact with end consumers in order to realise these. After all, before being able to formulate a precise message, it is important to understand the recipient. By adopting this formula for success, we have gone from strength to strength and have continued to develop. We have never stood still. We are never satisfied. Keep on going.

These are our roots

This is how we are today. But how did the story actually begin? Well, here come a couple of facts about us. We were set up in Bonn in 1993 – and are still owner-managed. Our roots are firmly set in the photography and graphic sectors. We were able to gain our first major customer shortly afterwards ­ Jack Wolfskin ­ and this outdoor company is still part of our portfolio to this very day. But that was just the beginning: we were able to win over lots of different clients – mainly from the outdoor, bike, energy, tourism and nature conservation sectors – during the course of the following years. Our tasks? Vast and varied: following events, sales promotions, catalogue production, photo shoots, TV commercials, we gained even more customers, who entrusted us with the A-Z of their brand management. And this is still the case today. These successful projects confirm why we term ourselves a full-service agency for brands nowadays.

Our mission is accomplished when brands become good friends

Our brand communication is developed in the same way as chats unfold among friends. Dialogue, trust and experiences take centre stage. We develop independent communication strategies, wrap them up in eye-catching packages and then implement them as part of a full-service agency. We term this: creating friendship.

People today do not wish to be addressed as a consumer. They are looking for relationships, shared experiences and solutions to their problems. Brands provide guidance, provided that the brand can be trusted in the same way as a friend. Advertising can be irritating and generalises things. Brand communication among friends aspires to trust, inspiration and relationship.

Consequently, our communication strategies are built on friendship values. An unmistakable brand character is created by interacting with the target groups, looking at the brand from the consumer’s perspective and choosing the right channels.