A poster campaign mobilises the public

Bonn’s bicycle petition
A poster campaign mobilises the public

The bicycle petition in Bonn is a public initiative for modern urban mobility by means of improved cycle and pedestrian pathways. It was inspired by the public campaign for bicycles in Berlin and was initiated by the Bonn district association of the German Cycling Club (ADFC). The citizens’ petition is intended to compel the City of Bonn to continually improve the cycle paths in the city. As our company is very much into cycling, it was a matter close to our heart to support the campaign – as a sponsor, through our involvement and due to our know-how.

Urban mobility for the future of our cities

We report time and again on the issue of urban mobility in our cycle blog Bikefolks.de. We write articles and create campaigns for Fahrrad XXL under the slogan “by far the best means of transport in the world”. When it became evident that Bonn’s bicycle petition would be difficult to carry out due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 restrictions, it was clear that we would help out. The drop in out-of-home (OOH) bookings made it possible to purchase advertising space for posters at attractive rates. As Fahrrad XXL Feld is one of our clients, we were able link up this client with the bicycle petition. Subsequently, we succeeded in gaining a further seven Bonn bicycle shops as supporters.

Making a noise

Our prominent creation plays on cyclists’ daily experiences, which are associated through onomatopoeia. These sounds attract attention and lead to the bicycle petition. The posters were placed as 18/1 as well as city light posters all over Bonn. In addition, banners placed on the online page of the local newspaper “Bonner General-Anzeiger” echoed the motifs and collected clicks for the homepage of the citizens' initiative.

Awareness was the result

The campaign’s success was not measurable for the bicycle petition but it certainly made itself felt. It helped to raise awareness in Bonn. When it comes to collecting signatures, significantly more people are aware of the bicycle petition. The necessary quorum has now been reached but the collection of signatures will continue. After the local elections on 20 September, the local council will have to vote on the citizens' petition. In our opinion, the council would be well advised to take a favourable stance. Our cities need space for people to live and move around. We have to give them the opportunity to reach the city centre and residential areas without a car. There will not be enough room on the streets if the car remains the main means of transport in our cities.

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