Our intention: To bring people and brands together as friends

We are your agile brand agency – and, indeed, much more than just that ...

We are an agile communications agency for some – and for others, we are the world’s most cliché-free full-service advertising agency. This is how we see it: first and foremost, we keep an eye on your brand, which is not put immediately into channels or categories. However, if you know for sure that you would like to have a modern web design, or social media communication is on the agenda, or a new branding strategy is high on your list of priorities, then we will do for you. Absolutely no problem.

Should you, on the other hand, know that you need something but do not quite know what, then we will assist you with our needs-based workshops, in order to determine your goals together. That´s it in a nutshell.

Brands and Friends

What is our intention?
The success of your brand!

Now take a closer look now at what we can do for you: You are in perfect hands if your concerns have anything to do with brand, retail and digital communication. And we are able to offer you even more – thanks to our agency network consisting of advertising agency, trade marketing and photo and film production.

Friendship also entails being candid: We are not ones to butter someone up, preferring instead a debate­ sometimes heated ­but, above all, constructive. And what is more: We will also sing our praises, when something has worked out well. Does this ring a bell? Then welcome to intention.