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FAGSI/ProContain // Creating more space

FAGSI and ProContain are brands of FPC GmbH, a leading manufacturer of shipping container systems in Germany. Based in Morsbach in North Rhine-Westphalia, the family-run business offers its shipping container systems to specialist dealers and also to end customers for purchasing or renting. We are responsible for the strategic brand consulting on FAGSI and ProContain.


The two brands FAGSI and ProContain share a close-knit history. In the past this often resulted in overlaps with regard to target group allocation. Duplicate sales structures were also established. This led to increased communication and advertising costs. Our task was therefore to create an expedient brand structure together with the customer that would make the brands’ respective areas of competence clear for both employees and customers and would make the best possible use of any synergy effects.

In a first step we held brand and USP workshops. These involved management, sales and marketing. The workshops analysed the current situation of both brands and determined the needs and wants of the different target groups with regard to the segment for buying and leasing shipping container systems. Our close examination of the value chain revealed that grouping customers into leasers and purchasers as had been the case to date is not the ideal solution for an efficient sales and communication strategy.


The new brand architecture we have created assigns responsibility for the selection of construction materials and container production to ProContain. ProContain addresses dealers, with the exception of large-scale customers. FAGSI, on the other hand, is the contact partner with regard to leasing and purchasing ProContain container systems. The company provides consulting and project management services and is responsible for turn-key solutions for the construction sector, local government and industry in general. Furthermore, FAGSI promises customers reliability with regard to prices and deadlines and ensures the greatest possible project transparency.

In addition to advising on strategy we have also redesigned the brand identity of FAGSI and ProContain. As the brands will now work even closer together, FAGSI will adopt ProContain’s primary red colour but will receive its own layout design with a customised visual language.


In expediting the brand realignment we conducted image shootings at the BAUMA 2016 trade fair in Munich and at the site in Morsbach. They will flow into the development of a new corporate design that will find reflection in the new appearance of customer magazines, product and information brochures and the FAGSI and ProContain websites.

Our next assignment will deal with search engine optimisation and a web configurator to further strengthen the service concept and to support sales communications.


Strategic brand consulting and re-alignment of the corporate design for the brands FAGSI/ProContain


Clear positioning of both brands to address target groups with greater efficiency 


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