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The Wikinger “Individual Hiking Tours” strategy with prearranged hiking trips on an individual basis and without a tour escort was aiming for a more visible profile and intended to focus more strongly on also attracting a younger target audience. Together with Wikinger, we developed a new website which puts the individual experience in the foreground and addresses the target group directly and personally.

The travel company ‘Wikinger Reisen’ is the market leader in hiking tours. With its customers totalling 66,500, it is one of the top 20 tour operators in Germany. True to the motto “Urlaub, der bewegt” (holidays in motion), this family-run business based in Hagen, Germany, has been organising hiking trips and active holidays to numerous countries around the world since 1969. Besides escorted group travel, individual hiking holidays where the organisation of accommodation, luggage transport and logistics has all been arranged in advance is becoming increasingly popular. Wikinger has currently around 160 individual hiking tours throughout Europe in its programme. Among the guests who take advantage of this type of holiday, there is an increasing number of younger people aged between 25 and 45. Until now, these individual hiking tours were part of the tour operator’s main catalogue and were not listed separately.


“Individual Hiking Tours” by Wikinger Reisen is to be given a more visible profile within the entire programme and is to be geared more rigorously towards a younger target audience (age group 25+). The plan is to develop a communication concept which takes into consideration the expectations and needs of younger travellers in the actual itinerary.


A workshop held jointly with the management and marketing department of Wikinger Reisen came to the conclusion that individual hiking tours would be given a separate platform in the future, which differed from the current website in terms of tonality, text and image concept. Based on the results achieved during the workshop which concentrated most especially on the expectations and needs of the target groups in question, a content structure was drawn up by intention, which included the visual concept, the layout and texts for the new website. Aspects of user navigation were also taken into account here. Wikinger Reisen then implemented the website themselves and linked it to a booking system which is available online at


The individual nature of this holiday experience comes to the fore on this new website, and the description is more emotional and direct than is usually the case with Wikinger Reisen. In line with the motto which translates into English more or less as “relax and enjoy – we take care of the rest”, the website highlights the extensive services on offer and thus the comfort which is enjoyed by the traveller, which the experienced tour operator organises for its clientele. The visitor is emotionally engaged, and a familiar address is adopted compared to the more formal language used by Wikinger on its main website. Photos taken from the first-person perspective guide the viewer more closely to the experience and give them the feeling of being a part of the action. Extensive filter functions allow the user to find the right type of holiday and destination quickly and easily. The visitor is given recommendations and tips on the holidays suggested and is thereby inspired to continue browsing through the contents on offer. Detailed information on the destinations, itinerary and services as well as accommodation provide the reader with everything they need to know in order to book the holiday. General information on travelling and the sustainable commitment of this family-run business rounds off the website content.


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