Staging a brand with confidence

A passion for technology and innovation, genuine enthusiasm when it comes to engines and early customer focus in product development have contributed to turning Honda into the world’s number one engine manufacturer. Nowadays, Honda produces 29 million engines a year. Boasting unrivalled expertise concerning engines, the company is also passionate about what it does – something that is important to stress.


Petrol-powered appliances are still the most popular by far for working in the garden. Nevertheless, when it comes to battery, this is a topic very much open to debate. Intention’s goal for 2018 was therefore very clear: draw attention to Honda’s superior engine expertise, thereby appealing to the target group that would always buy a petrol engine rather than a battery product – the so-called “petrol heads“.


With “CELEBRATE THE ENGINE”, intention developed a striking campaign claim, which represents the confidence of the brand as well as its enthusiasm for engines. Furthermore, it also serves as a direct appeal to the target group to get inspired and involved too.

Visually, the racing stripes have been developed as an effective campaign element, which our protagonists wear as a distinctive feature on their faces. The ensuing emotional sense of togetherness was used by intention for the first activating campaign “EARN YOUR STRIPES”.

The users were asked to earn their stripes on the campaign page. All they had to do was to upload a photo of themselves, and a face recognition software painted two virtual red stripes on their face as a sign of belonging. The many user images were shared via social media to increase the reach of the campaign.

In a second phase, intention initiated another campaign. “LET YOUR ENGINES SING” asked fans of Honda to start their engines, record a short video on their mobile phone and upload it on the campaign page. Every engine and every “pitch” was welcome: lawnmowers, brush cutters, motor hoes and power generators. The polyphonic engine sounds created a unique sound for Honda, which the sound engineer then used to mix the Honda song. You can’t get any more emotional than that.


Despite the relatively low media budget, there was an overwhelming number of participants – this confirmed the emotional power of the campaign. Visits and, above all, the length of the users’ stay on the landing page, as well as the indicators, video views and total number of people reached, showed that the campaign went down well with the target group – and thankfully for all ages. A particularly positive outcome was the number of interactions on Facebook. 2.25% of the total number of people reached through all platforms really is something to write home about.


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