One film, one product, one language

Tanneries don’t have a good image. But their products are much sought-after. Our concept for the Heinen leather factory shows that traditional craftsmanship and real men can be image bearers for a special leather.


Heinen Leather is one of the last leather producers in Germany. The leather from this factory epitomises German craftsmanship. And that in its truest sense: with traditional knowledge but using modern processes to manufacture in an environmentally friendly, resource-conserving and socially acceptable way. It is clear that in this type of company the employees play a central role. Authentic guys who know what they are doing, who can knuckle down and are proud of the quality of their products.

That was the starting point for our image film. The pride in one’s own work. Perfectly staged in an apparently inhospitable working environment. Using exclusively genuine Heinen Leather employees. With images that bring expression to the self-awareness of a brand where it is not all about speed and the highest output possible, but about quality. We did not use any actors or extras and all scenes were filmed in original locations at the company’s premises in Wegberg, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The film was produced with a small team of four people. The outdoor scenes were shot in the Siebengebirge area near Bonn. The result is more than just an authentic and credible advertising film for terracare® leather and the Heinen leather factory. It is also a statement about good German craftmanship tradition.

The image film is part of an overarching positioning strategy for the terracare® brand and the Heinen leather factory. Further building blocks include an image brochure, design and creation of an exhibition stand, an advertising concept and support material for distribution of terracare® leather via business partners.


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