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Whether we take the bike to work or use it to explore the region in our free time – cycling is our passion. We wish to share this passion with other bike enthusiasts. The BIKEBOOK, Fahrrad XXL Group’s customer magazine is the ideal way to do this.

One of Germany’s largest bicycle retailers, Fahrrad XXL, has 15 stores nationwide. The concept involves offering consumers a huge selection of products as well as a whole variety of interactive experiences too. Customers can try out handgrips, saddles, helmets and other accessories at various test centres. There are even special indoor test tracks, allowing customers to go for a test ride. Once the customer has chosen a bike, they can have a coffee while waiting for it to be assembled – and can then take it straight home. And what we like the most: the company is run by nine families and their staff who have all been bitten by the cycling bug.


A bike –not just a product which you buy and utilise – it’s much more than that. It is about discovering new places, freeing up your mind, pacing yourself against others, simply having a good time with friends and relatives or, of course, commuting to work using a sustainable mode of transport.

These various activities are all included in the free customer magazine published by Fahrrad XXL. It is packed with information, news, background reports and inspirational articles. What does a magazine have to be like so that it conveys both competence and value, which is what Fahrrad XXL stands for?


Contents are the A to Z of a magazine. We define the personas of the most typical cyclists. What are these people interested in, and what is important to them? What gets them moving, and what motifs are at the forefront of their passion for cycling?

The editorial team specifies the cover story based on the personas, who are given lots of space in the magazine, with introductory teasers on the cover.

Besides the main stories, other articles as well as event tips, product presentations and Fahrrad XXL insider news complete the contents. Everything that provides added value and inspires the reader is included in the magazine.

This is also true for the advertisements which are placed in the magazine. Topics are geared by means of in-house acquisition of advertisers and range of products on offer, meaning that articles are supported and the reader is shown offers which interest them – without being snowballed by a flood of advertising.


BIKEBOOK is the result of the above – an 84-page special interest magazine which invites the reader to browse and pick up again and again. After all, there is something for every type of bike enthusiast, whether it be the sports cyclist who wants to read exciting background stories about their idol, or the trekking couple looking to find a tip for their next tour.

Take a look at the first edition of the BIKEBOOK here


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