Movement means freedom

BP® is setting new standards when it comes to freedom of movement and sustainability with its new Workwear Black Pro collection. We are launching the product to the public at a trade fair and placing focus on the innovative capability of the brand.

The Cologne-based manufacturer Bierbaum-Proenen (BP®) has been developing workwear since 1788, making everyday work safer, easier and more comfortable for many people. The new BP® Black Pro collection is extremely flexible and comfortable thanks to its many elastic components. What’s more, all items in the new product line are made at least two-thirds from recycled PET bottles, making them particularly environmentally friendly.


The task was to come up with an umbrella campaign idea for the new BP® Black Pro Workwear collection. It had to be the hallmark of maximum flexibility and comfort for those who carry out strenuous tasks and, moreover, had to be regarded as a pioneer for new a stage in ecological sustainability. The idea was set to be featured online, in flyers and adverts, and at a trade fair.


We started by conducting a joint workshop focusing on the brand and the new collection. With the message „a new level in freedom of movement“, we put focus on the enormous flexibility offered by the collection. The idea is that only those who can move freely are capable of accomplishing amazing feats on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to imagery, we have therefore gone for powerful, dynamic poses in front of an illuminated wall of bottles, symbolizing the ecological revolution that the collection is achieving through the use of recycled PET bottles.


BP® is full of enthusiasm for our idea and the implementation of the campaign, which has gone down very well, particularly at the trade fair. We are delighted to hear this positive feedback!


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