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The “Werkself” (Workers’ Eleven) has a loyal following, which always gets behind the club. We have put the fans and fan culture at the centre of the new fan merchandise catalogue.

The heart of the fans beats faster: the football club Bayer 04 Leverkusen publishes its fan merchandise catalogue twice a year. It contains everything a real “Werkself” fan needs – from football shirts and scarves to garden gnomes. Catalogues produced by Bayer 04 are more than mere catalogues: they are collected, stored and read through over and over again.


The fan merchandise catalogue of the Bundesliga club is not just a sales catalogue – its image is very important too. This is why the club wishes to strongly integrate the „Bayer 04 Leverkusen“ brand into the catalogue and, by doing so, make the fans identify more with Bayer 04. In addition to the new conception and design of the catalogue, our tasks also include product photography and creating promotional material for catalogue and product advertising.


We have put the fans and their fan culture at the centre of the fan merchandise catalogue 2017/2018. In order to achieve this, we have included editorial content to the presentation of the products. New uniform imagery encompasses photography of both products and people. We have designed the product pages to incorporate an emotional aspect: concise headlines connect the products with fan interviews. This makes fans more likely to identify with th


The result is a 116-page “family album” – a catalogue that features concise and emotive content, which is appropriate for the club and fans. The well thought-out catalogue dramaturgy enhances the information provided about the product range and brand in the catalogue, whilst, at the same time, increasing customer identification and willingness to buy. With the online and offline promotional material created, as well as the making-of video for marketing the catalogue and range of products, we bring extra impetus to the fan merchandise store. Our “family album” is set to kick off again in the summer.


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