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B·A·D provides both employers and employees with a wide range of health-related services. But how can you make these services attractive to busy decision makers and make them recognise the added value that these would bring to their company? This is where we step in.

With its health management division, B·A·D provides employers and employees with a wide range of options in the field of physical and mental health. The consortium now serves 280,000 companies with more than 4 million employees throughout Germany and Europe, making it one of the largest providers of prevention services. We are supporting B·A·D in its communication strategy and by taking care of repositioning the services that it offers.


Like most of its competitors, B·A·D viewed company success and employee performance as the most important factors when it comes to its communication. The company preferred to make use of facts and figures for the purpose of clarifying the relevance of individual services. Our task was to develop a new image and text concept for the existing brochures in order to make B·A·D services more explicit and ensure that they stand out from the competition. Following on from this, we were given the task of completely revising the brochures and incorporating a new concept, carrying out a photo shoot and designing an internal workbook.


First of all, we developed a basic concept aimed at making B·A·D stand out from its competitors. In terms of this concept, we clearly prioritise the health and needs of employees when it comes to communication whilst making success and performance a secondary topic. We do this because we know that employees work best when they are both satisfied and motivated. We have used this principle to create a new image concept and to revise the language and style of the existing brochures. Our newly developed imagery is based on two principles: people in their working environment and people in their private sphere. Visual symbiosis of these two principles enabled us to convince the customer to produce photos capturing this visual language. These were then implemented by our colleagues, the NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS (NBX). The new text concept focused on emotional and active language, and we turned our backs on factual, passive language. We made this decision because people’s actions are based on their emotions, and we can therefore appeal to them and inspire them by using the right register. Another challenge lies in the fact that the target group of the brochures are primarily business and departmental managers with little time on their hands. In order to appeal to even the busiest of decision makers, we always placed the added value of the services at the beginning of the texts and deliberately created headlines and subheadings in such a way that the benefits and content of B·A·D services stood out. We also succeeded in providing high emotionalism.


We designed four brochures for the health management division each featuring a new image and text concept, and were responsible for the photo shoot, an internal workbook and master slides for presentations by B·A·D. B·A·D wishes to use the images taken at the photo shoot for its company website and Intranet, amongst other things. We look forward to successively adapting much more material to the new concept in the future and are currently working on new joint projects.


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