City of Bonn

A campaign for sustainability in the city

The sustainability strategy pursued by the City of Bonn is aimed at raising its citizens’ quality of life in the long term. We developed a concept which awakens, activates and shows awareness: sustainability affects us all.

The City of Bonn is campaigning for nature and society, progress and for its citizens. Indeed, it has committed itself to the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. And we have made this visible with our campaign.


The City of Bonn wants to attract plenty of attention with its sustainability campaign. We were asked to develop a concept, including a new logo, in order for them to achieve this. It was important that the sustainability measures of the City of Bonn were taken up as well as reaching out to the most diverse target groups from politics, business and society. The aim was to present the City of Bonn as a pioneer in implementing the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.


A workshop was held, attended by our team alongside employees of the City of Bonn, which enabled us to define core values, personas and key communication steps. It was evident that awareness and education on sustainability had to play a central role in the campaign. We worked on an appropriate solution which took into account the complexity of the topic and broke it down in a way that is understandable for everyone. At the same time, the communication highlights further opportunities to find out more information and places the people of Bonn at the heart of the campaign.


We achieved a stringent concept, comprising modules and set out in several phases, which can be individually adapted to different target groups. In the first phase, the key aspect is attracting attention, which turns into motivating speeches and calls for commitment in the second phase of our sustainability concept. The coherent tonality with catchy headlines brings the topic of sustainability, in combination with approachable image worlds, to a very personal level. The logo combines the corporate design of the City of Bonn with the fresh stimuli of the campaign and presents the name and motto of the concept plainly and clearly: 17 goals. One future. This set of guidelines enabled the City of Bonn to implement its campaign straight away.

City of Bonn skyline: Giacomo Zucca/City of Bonn


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