Advertising agency, communications agency, full-service advertising agency – none of the terms actually covers everything that we do. And we do, indeed, cover a broad spectrum, thanks to our wide experience and varied passions: bringing the brands to the end consumer, also by way of retailers, that is a key area of activity. We are fans of everything that takes place outdoors, whether it be sport, travel or leisure activities. We know full well that there are fascinating companies out there in the B2B segment, whose USP we take great care in communicating to the world. And we are branching out into areas that concern the community, such as nature conservation, employment and civil protection.

Three’s company

Since the company was founded over twenty-five years ago, we have developed specialist areas, which have evolved into independent companies. Closely associated with NATURAL BORN EXPLORERS, we set out in all weathers to the four corners of the world to create photo and film productions. The trade marketing company, intention Handelsmarketing brings brand experiences to the point of sale and to your event.

Our beliefs

We always focus on friendship in order to make brands strong. After all, humans look for relationships, experiences and solutions to their problems. Brands, too, have to engage. And conduct themselves honestly and reliably … be on the same wavelength. Just like a friend. You should not let good friends go. That is the reason why our mission is: CREATING FRIENDSHIP. Using our tools, we join our customers on a “Journey to Friendship”. That is what contemporary communication is all about.

But we go even further: the values found in friendship guide us in our work with customers and how we interact with one another. Respect, honesty, reliability, passion and the feeling of togetherness drive us. We invite you to get to know us.

How we work

We are obsessed by the search for the key insight, on which the brand communication and campaign works. This creates the spring board for our ideas. Wrapped in an infectious story and enhanced by expressive images, which engage the mind, thereby resulting in a targeted strategy that works.

Nevertheless, we know that we are only strong today if our method of working is transparent. That is why we think and work in an agile environment. Working closely with the client, developing partial products in short phases, testing them on the market, learning from them and improving them – that is our project cycle. We invite the customer to get involved. We make your goal ours, and look forward to a close working relationship which leads to success. Your success, which is also ours.